Everything about ACSI Club ID

ACSI Club ID is the new Camping Carnet for Europe. This handy card has what it takes to become indispensable for the real camping enthusiast.

Take a look at the advantages and let yourself be convinced.

Through this page you will learn everything about ACSI Club ID. All the advantages have been listed and you can find clear instructions on how to get the card.

This is ACSI Club ID

ACSI Club ID is a Camping Carnet which allows you to check in easily at camp sites and gives you immediate liability insurance.


A list of all the card’s benefits, and there are quite a few! ACSI Club ID is practical and offers a lot of advantages.


It is very easy to obtain ACSI Club ID. Click read more to find out how to order the card.


Before you start using ACSI Club ID it is advisable to read the conditions carefully. These conditions describe exactly how it works. Including information about the liability insurance.